About Bite Me

Bite Me started as a story of the meeting between two people: Jonas and Anastasia. Two people who wanted to unleash the potential of food and that became Bite Me. We are driven by a shared belief that food is more than numbers and nutrition. Thus we constantly wonder about and work to let more people around the world get the taste of truly great and new experiences. Simply because it connects us with each other, even if only for the moment of breaking bread.

anastasiaAnastasia is part-greek, part-german and born and raised in southern Germany on the floor of her family’s Greek restaurants. She has studied business management in Vienna, entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and coaching in London. In other words: a woman with many talents and basically food and hosting in her dna.

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My story of Bite Me starts with my Greek family where the only topic really is food. “What did you eat today” replaced the “how are you doing”, so growing up in our Greek restaurants you could say I had an obvious choice of career. But I did not agree with the established ideas of food and decided to study Business Administration in Vienna while also working in the culinary world of cafes and restaurants.Fortunately, one could say, I was missing the passion in people’s eyes when asking them why they studied business and found a school in Amsterdam that teaches creative entrepreneurship.

This is where I met Jonas in 2012 and started our first project with Bite Me. We opened a cafe for a co-working space and brought thousands of neighbours together through StreetDinners. Today we are based in Denmark where I am the concept developer and also mentor people on how to host outstanding food experiences. I love how food can serve as a tool for interaction and bring people together. When I am not teaching about hosting I am also a coach helping creatives to become the best versions of themselves.

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jonasJonas is from Copenhagen but has been around the world with a number of projects, studied entrepreneurship and facilitation in Amsterdam and has a master in anthropology with a thesis about taste and food. In other words, he understands what food is all about.

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I grew up in a family that cared for good food to fit into a busy daily routine but it was while traveling and working around the world I realised it’s potential for connecting people. From bonfires in Colombia’s highlands to busy street kitchens in Chinas industrial zones. In 2011 I met Anastasia at the Knowmads Business School Amsterdam and since then we haven’t been lacking ideas or problems to tackle when it comes to food. After 3 years I returned to Copenhagen and a research-master in Anthropology with a focus on food and taste among families in everyday life.

While Bite Me was taking on a playfully provocative approach by luring people into new creative food experiences and interactions, I wished also to maintain our connection to challenging everyday problems. Today I focus on applying my knowledge about food and experiences to new concepts and interactions, while I write and research on the meaning of food and taste for people. I give lectures, facilitate workshops, write blog-posts and coordinate projects within the world of food.

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We believe that a truly great food experience originates in realising your desired outcome for both yourself and your guests. We call this process FOOD THINKING.

What sets us apart is how we approach food, drinks, guests and so on as a whole experience. We have coined the term FOOD THINKING inspired by Design Thinking because great experiences are based on a simple yet powerful process of understanding why and matching food, drinks and hosting to strengthen the intention. Our methods and processes are developed in a collaboration between research, design, gastronomy and facilitation. We work in a multidisciplinary crew of academic researchers, chefs, designers, facilitators, storytellers and performers,so we can consider all aspects of an experience.

So we are a company and we make a living from selling you something. Actually we are damn proud of what we can offer you as an Event Consultancy. Not just the free ideas and advice, but also our paid services including tailormade concept developments and event coordination to gather people around shared purposes. And it’s not only about your event; it’s also about changing the world. Through our StreetDinners we organise public events, where food-experiences engage people in a shared purpose for different organisations and projects. All of it based on years of experience with transforming unique dreams and hopes into edible and shared realities.

We believe in long-term partnerships. That way we can quickly give personal day-to-day advice and easily step in to join you or your colleagues for events and projects.

We are first and foremost here to help you and your guests or customers have more memorable experiences. And we do so through step-by-step offering all of the ideas that we have developed over the years and sharing our wisdom from countless successes and mistakes. All of it as completely free blog-posts and advice. If you are planning something just contact us below. No strings attached, no requirement to buy anything. We’ll be very excited to hear from you. Now if you are still with us, we suggest you take a scroll through our values below and make sure you sign up for our newsletter, so we can stay in touch.