dinner party design
When was the last time you watched a good Hollywood movie? Like a real blockbuster that dragged you into a well balanced mixture of action, feelings and dramatic twists of the plot. The team behind such a movie have spent a lot of energy on designing your and the rest […]

When should your guests peak at your dinner party?

In our company we are always trying to find new ideas that we can use to surprise our guests, make them feel special and give them a role so they feel more engaged. That is why we like the symbol of a present. And we know that you enjoy receiving gifts […]

Do-It-Yourself Present on the Menu

connected glasses
If you have been to some of our events you know that this one is a classic Bite Me. As we like to get people together on a long table our ultimate success feelings comes when strangers turn distance into curiosity. Because what happens when you are curious you start noticing […]

Connected glasses aka “never drink alone”

milk cookies
We like to twist ideas around to make them stand out so for an event themed around milk we wanted to surprise our guests with reversed chocolate cookies. You know: The ones you might have grown up with, dipping them in a cup of milk.. Instead of brown chocolate cookies dipped in […]

Milk cookies with chocolate(milk)

greek salad gazpacho
If you ever had a cold soup it could mean two things: You waited way too long since it came out of the pot and should complain. Or it came out of the fridge because it was a Gazpacho which is meant to be served cold. For our “Journey into Greek […]

Greek Salad Gazpacho

How to start with this one? Well let me put it this way. When you get food served from your mother, you kinda know what it is about. It is either your favorite food, or maybe a classic dish your mom knows really well how to prepare. Knowing WHAT we […]

How Little Messages Can Change The Way You Look At ...

seating arrangement
What we love about food is that it is such a great way to bring people together. When I think about it now, in my Greek life it is has probably been the number 1 tool to meet people at all. “Hi there! Are you hungry? Yes? No? Anyhow sit […]

How To Playfully Seat Your Guests