Bite Me was originally started as a school-project in Amsterdam in 2012 by 3 fellow students to make a point about the need for better food among entrepreneurs. 2 of them decided to continue the project: just one month after graduation they staged a 350-participant communal dinner in a local park, while at the same time opening up a try-out canteen at a small co-working space. Things evolved and long story short they ended up in Copenhagen, diving deeper into the perceptions of food in everyday life and developing concepts for new events and experiences. Today that has become a platform aimed at helping people to bring new ideas to life for their own experiences based on years of experiences with tailormade concepts. Bite Me is also the people behind the concept StreetDinners which provides a similar service though exclusively to strengthen social cohesion in local neighbourhoods. For further questions contact us at or +45 4243 2772.

Finally all pictures on this site is the work of several great photographers including but not limited to: Caroline Arvidsson, Emil Lyders, Hazel Evans, Sunna Hermannsdottir, Kaare Smith and Duy Vudinh. We owe them a great thanks and of course they should be credited if any of their pictures are used. Get in touch to enquire about photo credits.

The Swiss food-magazine asks Anastasia about her personal story and thoughts on food, people and social interactions. You can read the story in German, French or Italian.


At this Swedish conference we provided a food interaction designed to challenge the concept of fika or high tea in different ways. Afterwards we gave a talk on our design process which you can see here.

Alibis for Interaction

This Copenhagen blog and instagram-community visited one of our popups organised in collaboration with Roskilde Festival 2015. Read all about it here.

Mad About Copenhagen

This Copenhagen-based cultural magazine interviewed Anastasia and Jonas on the ideas of using food as a tool. Read it here in Danish.


The French and German tv-channel visited us in our former location in Amsterdam as part of a story on slowness and creating food with a purpose. Unfortunately it is no longer online but you can still enjoy this picture from this fun interview.


The Dutch magazine OneWorld did a feature on us as part of discussing sustainable food for Christmas and the alternative ways to work with food for such a holiday-feast. Here you can read an interview in Dutch with co-founder Jonas back in 2013.


The danish news-channel TV2 News visited us during our StreetDinners in Copenhagen to talk about organising your neighbours and remembering the 5th of May. Here is a shot of them talking with our co-founder Jonas and one of our fantastic local organisers.

TV2 News

The national Danish TV-channel Danmarks Radio visited our Election Dinner which featured 9 politicians running for parliament eating dinner with 63 citizens. Here you see them interviewing one of the guests.