Bites of success


“Bite Me did not only turn my ideas and dreams into reality – they added something extra to all the dimensions of my party.”

Morten Østergaard, member of parliament, chair Radikale Venstre.

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In that way it became my event as I had imagined it but much better than I had ever dared to hope for. The food was the framework, background music and fulcrum in an unforgettable way that challenged the senses without ever becoming pretentious.

Bite Me’s crew was extremely professional and always present in both preparations and execution. Every question was returned with at least one idea for implementation. Jonas and his team made it an evening which neither me nor my guests will ever forget and still talk about.

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“Bite Me has an exceptional skill to make food into an experience.”

Pål Fernvall, Denmark’s Technical University DTU

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We chose to collaborate with the Bite Me Crew for the one year birthday of DTU Skylab. We had a lot of ideas and wishes for how we wanted our guests to perceive our facilities. Anastasia was an attentive listener and was able to meet all of our needs and convert our ideas to actual servings during the day. There was a lot of design and thought behind all of it, and we were very impressed by the result and how they stayed focused on solving the task all along.

In all, the servings from Bite Me Crew tied the program of the day together and enabled our guests to experiment, laugh and meet other people.
We would highly recommend others to use Bite Me Crew for events and gatherings.

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“Bite Me provides knowledge and tools that take meals from eating into complete experiences.”

Luisa Carbonelli, Alibis for Interaction

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Anastasia and Jonas brought a taste of the Bite Me Crew experience to the Alibis for Interaction conference 2015. Alibis for Interaction is an annual masterclass for designers where audiences or consumers are turning into participants and co-creators.

Creating a set of snacks playing with participant expectation they took our brief and expanded it with their skill set. Among other things there were look-a-like sandwiches that actually were cakes and cupcakes that surprised with their savoury ingredients!

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“The most incredible pop-up dinner I have ever attended!”

Hazel Evans, Mad About Copenhagen

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As a facilitator, Anastasia is sublime, inspiring and coordinating over 50 of us party people to join forces and cook and serve for ourselves a 24 course meal – which, by the way, was incredible food, always with a playful twist!

What I thought would be a 1 hour dinner where I’d take a few photos, eat something, and leave, turned into 5 hours of cooking, drinking, eating and enjoying life with all the great people I met.

Whenever a group needs food, fun and a something a little quirky, this lady is the first person I recommend!

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“Bite Me offers an opportunity to glue your program together, whilst the food experience remains light and relaxing for the participants.”

Jacomijn Vels, ING Bank

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For our last ING training programme we involved Bite Me as the organisers. As unusual as it seems to use food to bring across concepts for teambuilding events or trainings, I have personally experienced it and highly recommend Bite Me.

Their concepts easily fit into the time that is usual reserved for lunch or other breaks. You’ll be surprised how food can connect people that may not know each other well yet or can be used to embed concepts for reflection or even topics around leadership. Alternatively ask Bite Me to prepare a foodbox for some post training reflection, you’ll be amazed how much effort can be put in to create a personal message.

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